Buti's Oil

It’s the characteristics of the soil, the microclimate, the cultivation and, most of all, the dedication
of the olive growers that since the Middle Ages have made of Buti an ideal place for the production of a natural treasure such as olive oil. The oil received many important prizes at international exhibitions. The local olive oil, which is typical for its delicate taste (good for salad and fish dressing) and is considered a foremost example of the so called “mild oils”, has been appreciated by some famous people such as Rossini, D’Annunzio, Carducci and others.

How to maintain it

The product eliminates the residues of the vegetation water in the late spring. This is the period when one is supposed to decant the oil. Thus it will maintain its organoleptic and nutritional properties unchanged.
The possible cloudiness and residues on the bottom of the bottle also testify of the genuineness of the product. The containers we recommend for the preservation are made of glass (they have to be kept sheltered from light and heat) or stainless steel.